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Longbow Publishing provides music history, theory, pedagogy and piano products to students and institutions across North America. Our motto is 'Resources to fit your needs' and we offer a range of unique products and services for teachers and students, universities, conservatories and private colleges.


The third edition of the music history texts and score excerpt flashcards, are now available! The titles are the same ('Musical Overview', 'Early Music' and 'Modern Music', 3rd editions).

These new textbooks include a password for online access to a new study resources website with everything you need: quizzes, answer keys, scores, definition and repertoire ID flashcards (PDF), review documents, website suggestions for where to listen, and much more!

Once you purchase a textbook, go to our new study resources website to log in:longbow.ca/resources


For those teachers and students preparing for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, please note:

History 1 (Musical Overview) is now Level 9 History
History 2 (Early Music) is now Level 10 History
History 3 (Modern Music)  is now ARCT History


CATALOGUE for Cdn. customers 2017.pdf